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Yesterday we went to a “swimming pool” as part of a monthly field trip. This was not at all what I expected. Koreans seem to think a swimming pool is defined as a man-made pond with knee high water. As a little kid, being spoiled by Wisconsin Dells, and the ever popular wave pools, I would have been outraged if my teachers took me to this particular locale. Not the case here. The kids absolutely loved it. They were splashing around and ‘swimming’  for hours…I couldn’t resist getting into a water fight with some of them. I really took aim at my trouble makers, but who wouldn’t?

All the kids had gourmet lunches packed. In my day, you got a soggy PB&J sandwich and a bag of chips for lunch. Here, they have vegetable sushi rolls, fruit galore, chicken and vegetables, chips, rice, and sweet rolls. The kids parents even packed food for the teachers. It was really sweet. One of my kids gave me a coffee espresso drink. It’s not a bad environment to be in!




  1. Anna, this is great. Confirm that you got my comment. Love. dad

  2. Girl, I be lovin’ this site. My sis is really enjoying it as well, and for your information, she says you are a very good writer!! (I beg to differ… but whatev)
    Continue going viral, it’s a good look for you. And FYI I don’t think I’ll ever like a pose as much as your “casual” pose upon a mountain top…hey, just keep bein’ you!

  3. HAHA
    How dare you comment on my “casual mountain pose” and completely ignore my “let me pose with a pair of white frames in a crowded street w/o smiling!” pose.
    It’s so polish it’s begging you to make fun of it.

    You’re really loosing you touch. . .

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