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I’ve been flirting with the idea of getting white frame glasses.

Good idea or do I look like a loser?



  1. Anna, I like the frames, but we already discussed that. You look super Asian in them.

    These straw pillows… I absolutely love those types of adventures. It’s like sleeping under a kitchen sink in Venice or getting dysentery in Egypt.

    Straw pillows make fond memories.

    • Don’t ever mention that egypt incident. Or I’ll have to contact Syheed (sp) and let him know his wife is out in Miami awaiting his floss-less return. Seriously, by this point, his teeth have probably all fallen out, or morphed together into one barnacle super tooth. Either way, don’t talk about Egypt (it’s like fightclub)

        • Marissa
        • Posted July 27, 2010 at 6:33 AM
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        Barnacle super tooth.


  2. bahahaha. YES BLOG. No to the white glasses my dear dear friend. Those bits of straw must have been lovely…so green of them. No wonder it’s Oregon meets the Caribbean! I’m going to link your blog to mine….muahahahahaa

    • I’m super pumped we’re blog linking. I feel like our friendship is really going viral. And I’m sure you appreciate all the KOREAN HITS your site is getting. Makes you seem more exotic (your welcome)
      Tell me your secrets gypsy…how do you link blogs? I’ll git you on mine!

  3. Naughty. Since you are a… (insert shift eyes)… mortal, I just don’t know if those white frames will accentuate your supple skin in the right light.You know if you were a mermaid you could pull them off, no doubt. Plus that New Balance sign in the background is throwing me off- talk about product placement!! So yea… maybe this is a bad choice but commenting on your blog is really fun! Too bad all of our convo’s are incredibly weird (and private in nature wink wink).

  4. OK…
    So the consensus is NO white frames. I almost agree, but the Asian in me wants me to reconsider. I’ll keep you all updated with my transformation…
    Also, side note, our convos are increasingly weird, semi awkward, and semi stimulating.
    Also, the product placement was no accident. New Balance paid me a FORTUNE to endorse their product.
    As does Papa Johns (although my contract states I just need to run into people while holding the box)muahaha

  5. oh Anna, you’re such a nube. Go into your blog’s dashboard and there should be a spot somewhere that says “links”. then just create a category….yours I put in “other interesting reads”.


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