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I brought my camera to school….

These are two of my girls from Tweety class: Sarah & April

My little ham: Harry

The Tweety crew minus Duke: Harry, April, Cindy & Sarah (photographer)

Art class with Barney: Aiden, Jenny, & Jason

My PKD class: Jenny & Jason (Emma was being shy & wouldn’t join in 😦 )



    • Alex DaChildSnatcher
    • Posted August 14, 2010 at 2:52 AM
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    • Reply my dream babies!!!!!! You are so lucky that they are in your Tweety class (what the hell….is this like a Duke,Harry,Rex choose your own name situation?)!! Seriously though those kiddies are so precious- fulgazzi!!

  1. HAHA
    We have kinder classes named tweety, barney, clifford, and snoopy…. its a way of organizing them.
    Baby snatching extraordinaire! U wouldnt be able to resist.

  2. I was thinking the same as Alex, do they make up names? Maybe so it’s easier for their American teachers? They have to be fake names – ask for papers!

    • Usually a teacher makes the name up, or the kids do.
      And that’s their “english names” they still have their normal korean names. It’s like when we made up names for spanish class in highschool….really immerse them in the culture….

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