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High heels

Korean woman seem to be missing the gene that makes them feel pain. I say this, because everywhere I go I see Korean woman wearing 4 inch heels. Walking, riding subways and buses, carrying groceries, and going to historical sights. I can barely stay upright on the bus, and I’m in sneakers or flat sandals. Then I see Korean woman wearing stilettos…either they have impeccable balance from years of yoga, or they’re insane.



  1. Wow, I can’t even wear 4 inch heels out to the mailbox, let alone to a historical site…..

    • Chris it’s so crazy. It actually looks weird to see them in flats. Over summer vacation I went to an outdoor historical palace, and it was steep stairs, gravel road, etc. and these ladies were in super high heels. Its unreal! And I totally feel you on the mailbox thing… 🙂

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