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We finally updated the photos to the ils website, so let me share with you some precious photos of the kindergarten classes.

This was August’s Birthdays. Two of my tweety girl’s birthdays are in August. Cindy and Sarah are the two girls I’m sitting in between.

This was July’s birthday celebration. My tweety boy Harry had his game face on & loved slapping the watermelon every chance he got.

This was our July field trip to the “swimming pool” I told you all about. Notice the shallow water….This is a standard Korean swimming pool. Obviously no one can scream “CANNON BALL!” and jump without seriously injuring themselves.

This is the 100th day celebration. Notice the three T-Rex’s in the front right corner? Say hello to my Tweety boys.

This was an Activity of the Week; making masks. This included cutting cardboard, gluing charms, taping colored transparencies on the eyes, and taping a stick to hold the masks up. What you don’t see is me sweating in the corner desperately trying to rig together all 7 masks in 35 minutes.

Activity of the week is usually very stressful. Two weeks ago, I had to help them make crowns….with gold glitter. The classroom, students, Anna Teacher, chairs, and desks were all covered in gold. The kids had a field day & loved it…I did not.



  1. Oh Anna Teacher, your students are way toooo cute!! Slapping Watermelons, making crowns….what a life! I’ll also be sure on my next visit to Korea to NOT do a double gainer into the local swimming pool …..

  2. HAHA that picture with Duke, Harry, Rex aka the t-rex trio is EPIC. seriously. can we hang out with them? like go get a drink with them after work for god’s sake??! They look like they need a stiff drink at nap time to make the day interesting…haha and the other children look terrified. on another note, harry cleaned up REAL nice for his birthday- bow tie and all!! (thats how i know he likes his gin on the rocks)….

    • HAHA
      Unfortunately, Rex moved, so now I only have Harry and Duke.
      They would love to get a drink after kindergarten with us, Harry really likes to loosen his bowtie after a strenous day. I mean, cave drawings in art class, reading “we go to grandma’s house” and coloring? This kid is STRESSED!
      Also, my “TRex” boys are obsessed with anything fire related. This includes Fire Tornado, Fire Hurricane, and fire karate. Their other obsession; white tiger.
      …..This is what I deal with on a daily basis…lol

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