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Today during one of my elementary breaks, I stopped at Tour de Jour for a sandwich. The selection was nothing special. My options were between a potato salad sandwich, and a BLT. I was curious to see how Koreans would interpret the ingredients in a BLT, so I paid my 3,500 won and prepared myself for another Korean dining experiment.

Everything was there: the tomato, the lettuce, the bacon. Slight problem…the bacon was uncooked. A little horrified at the soft, uncooked bacon in front of me, I figured I’ve gone this far, I might as well see this through to the end. It was a curious little sandwich. The Koreans even jazzed it up with some sweet pickles (something they love to put in everything, even though it rarely compliments the meal.) Needless to say, I will never eat a BLT from Korea again.



  1. uhhh….thats brutal. why didn’t you pull a lisa and lick the uncooked bacon to test it out…? you know just a little lick?

    • I’ll only lick suspicious looking crab meat. You know this…

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