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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Korean folklore doesn’t disappoint. Recently, my coworkers and I have become enthralled with The Old Fox. She goes by many names; 구미호, or Kumiho being the most popular.

Kumiho is a fox with nine tails, who transforms into a beautiful blue eyed woman who seduces men in order to eat their livers. My M5A class once wrote how they are scared of kumiho, and Jenny (blood tree) has taken to calling herself the old fox. When I asked her who she was, she very passionately told me “I AM THE OLD FOX! I EAT YOUR LIVER!”

Ryan Teacher had his kinders draw pictures of monsters. Jenny’s did not disappoint. She drew a vampire man with fangs and a cape. Along of bottom of her picture was a 9 tailed fox with the caption “the old fox Jenny.”

So my plan now is to call anyone with blue eyes Kumiho….

Or threaten my kids who don’t do their homework with Kumiho 🙂


Today we had our monthly kinder field trip. It was sports day, so we just took the kids to a park with a skate park and basketball court. PE teacher was there (looking fine) and doing games with the kids. After an intense round of frizbee and playing hacky sack with a pompom device, we had lunch and headed back to school.

During the day I noticed my rowdiest boy Duke having multiple Thoreau moments, which included walking through the trees with his hands in his pockets contemplating the meaning of it all. I figured since he was out of the classroom and away from books, he would’ve been having the time of his life. But he was very quiet and didn’t play with the other kids. During lunch when he sat with the teachers, Yvonne said he was feeling sick. He looked like he was feverish, and his body looked slumped and achy. Rafaela teacher said all he wants to do in class is play, and when he finally can play, he’s too sick to do so. I put my arm around him and told him “this is what we call irony.”

Every week, the elementary school kids have to write speeches. This week, their topic was “three wishes.” Pretty standard right? Lauren teacher had the honor of correcting this entry:

I really hope Willy’s mom doesn’t check his homework…or speak english.

I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the hilarious things my kids do.

I teach the kinder art classes. One day, we were doing indian ink and crayon drawings. I asked my one girl Jenny what she was drawing. With a completely serious face she told me it was “blood tree.” I didn’t think much of it, until I peeked through her other sketches that she did with Megan Teacher. On the page that they drew giraffes, her giraffe was struck by lightning and on fire. The good news: he was smiling.

For international day I picked Kenya as the country to teach the kinders about. I figured elephants, giraffes, white tigers, etc. the kids would love it. I also made a Go Fish game using safari animals. All the classes had a lot of fun holding their cards “in secret” and displaying their animal pairs. The thing they loved the most though, was telling their classmates to “GOLD FISH!” It didn’t matter how many times I said “no, GOOOOOOOOO fish” they all just wanted to shout ‘gold fish’ at each other.

Lauren does main classes with Nemo. Her daily journal topic was “Tell me three things you learned from International Day.” Apparently, all the kids were bragging about Italy and making pizza as their Italian activity, or playing Canadian Bingo with Alex. One student – Owen, in all seriousness, wrote ” Kenya people have the brown faces.”

My Tweety boys Duke and Harry are OBSESSED with natural disaster/fire hybrids. During circle time, I asked everyone what their favorite weather was. All the boys informed me they love tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. That escalated to “I love fire tornadoes” and “I want fire hurricane.” Now they always talk about fire tornado this, fire tornado that. So today in art when Duke drew a dinosaur, I figured I knew where this was going, so I asked him “oh, fire dinosaur?” He looked at me like I was crazy and went back to coloring. Guess you can’t win them all.