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I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the hilarious things my kids do.

I teach the kinder art classes. One day, we were doing indian ink and crayon drawings. I asked my one girl Jenny what she was drawing. With a completely serious face she told me it was “blood tree.” I didn’t think much of it, until I peeked through her other sketches that she did with Megan Teacher. On the page that they drew giraffes, her giraffe was struck by lightning and on fire. The good news: he was smiling.

For international day I picked Kenya as the country to teach the kinders about. I figured elephants, giraffes, white tigers, etc. the kids would love it. I also made a Go Fish game using safari animals. All the classes had a lot of fun holding their cards “in secret” and displaying their animal pairs. The thing they loved the most though, was telling their classmates to “GOLD FISH!” It didn’t matter how many times I said “no, GOOOOOOOOO fish” they all just wanted to shout ‘gold fish’ at each other.

Lauren does main classes with Nemo. Her daily journal topic was “Tell me three things you learned from International Day.” Apparently, all the kids were bragging about Italy and making pizza as their Italian activity, or playing Canadian Bingo with Alex. One student – Owen, in all seriousness, wrote ” Kenya people have the brown faces.”

My Tweety boys Duke and Harry are OBSESSED with natural disaster/fire hybrids. During circle time, I asked everyone what their favorite weather was. All the boys informed me they love tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. That escalated to “I love fire tornadoes” and “I want fire hurricane.” Now they always talk about fire tornado this, fire tornado that. So today in art when Duke drew a dinosaur, I figured I knew where this was going, so I asked him “oh, fire dinosaur?” He looked at me like I was crazy and went back to coloring. Guess you can’t win them all.



  1. Laughed till I cried over this one……can’t say anything I ever encountered teaching Art Awareness at Bartlett Elem. can top these tales!!

  2. Bahahahaha, I love you Anna. Fire dinosaur…how dare you. PS: I haven’t given up on coming to see you, it will just take some time. and Yes, You best visit oregonia when you are in Japan and anywhere else. SO JEALOUS. My new thing is wanting to move to Thailand/Sweden. I’ll explain later.

    • I feel as though we’re due for a skypin’
      Case in point: sweden or thailand aye? what brings you there?
      MY new thing is trying to get to Italy for a teaching gig where you work 2 weeks, vaca two weeks…. sounds intriguing, I need to get info on it.
      And I am thrilled you havent given up on visiting me…. maybe United takes food stamps? Or fly gypsy air?
      And I think I might look into getting a flight home to Oregon, then the Chi? Or immediately after I’d come visit you? I want to see the west coast.

  3. HAHA those stories are amazing!! What an astute observation from that Owen- a real sharp shooter! and seriously, anna, its pretty rude that you don’t respect the sanctity that is “fire tornado’s”. its a pretty personal thing between harry and duke ever since rex left…ugh. you just wouldn’t understand.

  4. Youre right alex! I dont understand the sanctity of fire tornado.
    Actually I was just trying desperately to fit in…it totally backfired and blew up in my face! (god anna! ur such a loser!) (me to myself)

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