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Today we had our monthly kinder field trip. It was sports day, so we just took the kids to a park with a skate park and basketball court. PE teacher was there (looking fine) and doing games with the kids. After an intense round of frizbee and playing hacky sack with a pompom device, we had lunch and headed back to school.

During the day I noticed my rowdiest boy Duke having multiple Thoreau moments, which included walking through the trees with his hands in his pockets contemplating the meaning of it all. I figured since he was out of the classroom and away from books, he would’ve been having the time of his life. But he was very quiet and didn’t play with the other kids. During lunch when he sat with the teachers, Yvonne said he was feeling sick. He looked like he was feverish, and his body looked slumped and achy. Rafaela teacher said all he wants to do in class is play, and when he finally can play, he’s too sick to do so. I put my arm around him and told him “this is what we call irony.”



  1. Hey, who in the world could resist a small Asian boy named Duke having multiple Thoreau moments…..I know I sure couldn’t!!! You may have to bring him home with you and give him to Alex!

    • HAHA…. oh I would never. I dont know how alex would feel having duke..with his tae kwon do during reading, or his dinosaur impressions. Actually, who are we kidding? Shed love it.

  2. anna. listen to my mom and bring that contemplative asian home to someone that can really nurture that esoteric side!! haha poor lil’ bro! And next time we skype- I want more on the hottie with body PE teacher (channeling Jigz right there). AND did you dominate at hacky sack? seriously, ever since we had to fight for our lives aka polar pops at circle K, i really look the entire game differently. who knew there were so many technicalities?!!?!>!>

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