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Korean folklore doesn’t disappoint. Recently, my coworkers and I have become enthralled with The Old Fox. She goes by many names; 구미호, or Kumiho being the most popular.

Kumiho is a fox with nine tails, who transforms into a beautiful blue eyed woman who seduces men in order to eat their livers. My M5A class once wrote how they are scared of kumiho, and Jenny (blood tree) has taken to calling herself the old fox. When I asked her who she was, she very passionately told me “I AM THE OLD FOX! I EAT YOUR LIVER!”

Ryan Teacher had his kinders draw pictures of monsters. Jenny’s did not disappoint. She drew a vampire man with fangs and a cape. Along of bottom of her picture was a 9 tailed fox with the caption “the old fox Jenny.”

So my plan now is to call anyone with blue eyes Kumiho….

Or threaten my kids who don’t do their homework with Kumiho 🙂



  1. All i gotta say is jenny is a BADASS. she really has her priorities straight. I wonder if she is (insert shift eyes) a mortal?…

  2. She is the baddest bitch.
    and as for her mortality (shifty eyes)I can neither confirm nor deny…. (SHE`LL EAT MY LIVER!)

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