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So for Christmas break, I will be relaxing under the sun in paradise. I’m going to Boracay in the Philippines for 8 wonderful days. Boracay is a tiny island that houses the famous White Beach. It’s been voted one of the best beaches in the world a few times, so I’m pumped.



  1. …and we’re no longer friends.

    p.s. i you don’t bring me home a gift (something original) from SOMEWHERE we literally won’t be friends. i base friendships on materialism.

    • how about when you come visit me, I’ll buy you something amazing.
      ..and don’t worry. I’m sure tsunamis or terrorists will ruin my dream vacation somehow…

  2. Well, if you can’t be back state-side madly scrapbooking with Alex for ungodly amounts of time, at least you will have something awesome to do on your break!!

  3. that’s going to be amazing! mark my words- if you don’t come back as the Arubain leather lady I will be TICKED. and remember- the american girls love to partee so keep up!

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