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We have been very busy at ILS the past few weeks. We had to pick and prepare graduation speeches for our kindergarten kids. They graduate in February. I wrote a ‘magic schoolbus’ type story for Tweety class. They will be going on an undersea adventure where they meet and talk with a sea turtle, blue whale, and penguin.

They will also all participate in a Wizard of Oz play. Tweety class is doing the scene where Dorothy destroys the Wicked Witch with water, and finds out she has to click her heels to go home. I will be very stressed the next few months trying to get my kids to memorize two scripts. Wish me luck….

I have recently become obsessed with K Pop music. The first few months, Korean pop music is extremely annoying. And then like any other boyband/girlband group, you end up getting hooked without wanting to. I am currently in the process of trying to find out how to buy tickets to a K Pop concert….

Here are a few of my favorites….



  1. OMG those are so catchy and hilarious. I love the chicago bulls jersey in the second one. it appears that the world will never get over the bulls…you remember italy?

    I’m stressed too if it makes you feel better

    • In that case, I will send you some over email is you’d like…
      I’ve got quite the collection going.
      And I don’t remember Italy and the bulls? You’ll have to remind me on that one (damn alzheimers)

  2. Wow, I too find these songs incredibly catchy and can see why you have an addiction going……haha that video is BIZARREEEE and oddly charming. I’m assuming some of the ladies in the vid were having a hard time really jukin’ it because of their non-gripping shoes? (see blog above) LOL

    • haha! geez chris, you should start a blog… I’m cracking up in the office…it’s getting awkward haha

  3. um. anna. we’ve talked about k-pop and im concerned, not with the tunes but with the performers. It looks like they gathered a bunch of 40 year old men together in that second one- and i may be wrong but i think two of the dancers have their dread locks link together whilst they hit dat beat?! hahahahha

    • Alex..we’ve talked about this…NEVER WATCH THE VIDEOS! lol
      Just listen to those sick beats…

  4. fine, see you in da club dj chavez.

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