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So I recently bought a pair of shoes in Myeondong – Seoul. They are a great pair of shoes. One problem: Korean shoes seem to be lacking grips on the bottoms. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, except that Koreans love to decorate the sidewalks with shiny polished marble. So you can imagine what happens when it rains and I have to walk home from work. Every step I take on a rainy night makes me feel like I’m gambling with my life. How these ladies manage in heels I’ll never know.



  1. Hmm, I would prob. leave my house even less than I do here stateside if I had this issue to deal with……you are a brave woman, Anna Teacher!

    • haha…true that… sometimes I wonder who thought marble as a walking surface was a good idea.

  2. Anna, welcome to final destination aka my life… i love that graphic it reminds me of 1. the time you inadvertently tripped in me/tried to kill me and 2. that time april slipped on a patch of ice and flipped in front of the car?!!

    • OK…. get your facts straight! First of all… I was trying to kill you. THERE! It’s out there. I can stop pretending otherwise.
      second… april picked me up, and I slipped on a path of ice, and ended up spooning the tires under her car.
      final destination… brutal.

        • Alex
        • Posted December 11, 2010 at 5:15 AM
        • Permalink

        ohhhh my gosh that was you!!! i was laughing hysterically with april!!! ohh yea, all i know is, the “slipper” literally disappeared in front of the car and i’m pretty sure i saw feet in the air….epic.

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