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So I have always hated people who dress up and treat their dogs like people. People like Paris Hilton carrying around a toy chihuahua dressed in pink come to mind. However, since buying a small Yorkshire Terrier a few months back, I find myself gravitating to the puppy outfits more and more.

It started off innocently enough… After my vet shaved Fritz to resemble a stoned rat, I had no choice but to buy her a small sweater to keep her warm on walks. How else would she retain her body heat? She weighs 4 pounds! This small necessity has turned into an obsession. Over the weekend in Insadong, I passed a street vendor selling puff vest with fur-lined hoods for dogs. You can imagine what my next move was. I bought Fritz a red Polo vest (authentic, I’m sure) to keep her warm during the winter months. My next move? Tae-kwon-do uniform with black belt…. yeah, it’s happening.


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  1. Dang, it’s a good thing I am on a tight budget or I too would be involved in obsessive dog dressing – Smee absolutely HATES wearing clothes (the only thing he ever wore for longer than 5 seconds was a cute knitted cap with ear flaps to puppy class and he has long outgrown it)but Tinkerbelle, now here is a fashionista!! She loves wearing her sweater, ear bows, halloween tutu, and kercheifs on any occasion, especially after taking a couple snorts of her evening cocktail. You MUST post a pic of Fritz when you get her that Tae-Kwon-Do w/ black belt ensemble……it will be a classic!

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