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So I figure I’ll post the story I wrote for Tweety’s  graduation. It’s a speech they will perform at graduation. It’s a little like a magic school bus story. They visit the oceans, talk to animals, and learn fun facts along the way.

SARAH TWEETY A: The other day, we all went to play on the beach. We saw a submarine out on the water. We all climbed inside and started our underwater adventure.

MICHELLE: The submarine went across the Pacific Ocean, to the Great Barrier Reef. It is 3000 kilometers long! It is so beautiful. The Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing we can see from space. There was pretty coral, sting rays, dolphins, and giant clams! I never wanted to leave!

HARRY: We saw a very large sea turtle, so we talked to him. He was a leatherback. I asked him how long he could hold his breath underwater. He said the longest he’s ever gone was five hours! Their hearts slow down to one beat every 10 minutes! I had fun talking with this leatherback sea turtle, but he needed to eat. Do you know what leatherbacks eat? Jellyfish! YUCK!

CINDY: The reef was a lot of fun, but we had more to see. We left the Great Barrier Reef and went to find the biggest animal alive – the blue whale. I never knew why these whales were named “blue” until I met one. The blue whale was named for its color. I couldn’t believe how big he was! He was about 30 meters long! That’s 18 times longer then my dad! He eats 4 tons of krill a day!

DANIEL: We had much to see, so we said goodbye to our new giant friend. We were heading south go to the Southern Ocean. This ocean was huge! As big as 193 Korea’s! It was so cold that we had to wear winter coats. The temperature was five degrees! We saw  scary icebergs. Icebergs break off glaciers and float in water.

SARAH TWEETY A: When we got near Antarctica, we saw a bunch of penguins. One talked to us. She was an Emperor penguin – the largest kind! She’s bigger then me! She had a black face, yellow ears, and a white stomach. In the water, they have to look out for leopard seals and killer whales.

SARAH TWEETY B: Emperor penguins can hold their breath for 15 minutes, so she had to go back to the surface for air. We had fun meeting the penguins, but we had to leave. Up next, we were going to the Indian Ocean. It is the third largest ocean and the warmest. It felt nice after the freezing Southern Ocean.

DUKE: Near South Africa, we saw a hammerhead shark! His head looked like an anchor! He said he was hunting for fish. Hammerheads don’t attack people, so we talked to him. I thought he was big, but whale sharks are fourteen meters long! That’s as long as a bus! He was a scalloped hammerhead, the most common kind.

VICKY: We had a great time in the Indian Ocean. We said goodbye to our new friends and went home. The submarine took us home. Everything was so wonderful. The oceans are amazing places. They cover 70 percent of Earth. We saw a sea turtle, a blue whale, a penguin, and a hammerhead shark. We visited the Pacific, Southern, and Indian Oceans. What a great day!


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  1. You will have to update us on how this event went down…..the story is bound to be hilarious when acted out by the likes of Harry and Duke! Btw, you should make this story into a Magic Schoolbus-style picture book with illustrations (you can do them in illustrator or photoshop)…would be an excellent addition to your portfolio!!

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