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I haven’t updated in a while… my apologies.


First, let me just say Boracay was an island paradise. The postcard photo matched what you actually saw when you stepped out on the beach. Depending on the sun, the water was either crystal turquoise, or an aquamarine green. Either way, the sand was white, the water was clear, and the sun was hot. I made sure to slather on the SPF 70 (which had an impossible to rub-in glue-like feel to it) but I still become a leathery bronze goddess (my dream come true.)

You definitely get both the resort life, and the local life on Boracay. On the plus side, there are security guards at every turn, so no one hassles you for hours to buy their bracelets or carved Jesus sculptures.

So if you ever want to see Paradise I’d advise you to go. to. Boracay.

right in front of our hotel


We were working in rooms that took two hours to heat up. I spent each and every day teaching in my winter coat, two pairs of gloves, three pairs of socks, and a scarf. And yes, I was still cold even with all these extra layers. One day I braved the elements and taught sans gloves, and I ended up with purple fingernails. I even went so far as to let a kindergartener sit on my lap the whole class just for the extra body heat. It was getting ridiculous, until someone figured out heaters need to be cleaned once in a while, and after that, there was actual heat blowing out of the heaters.

Now we are spending a lot of time working on our plays for graduation. The kids have to memorize a Wizard of Oz skit, a presentation, and countless songs. Also, because there are vacation days in February, parents are opting out of keeping their kids in kindergarten for the month, so we keep loosing Dorothys, Tin Men, and Scarecrows 😦


I’m officially assimilating. Shoes I thought were very ugly a few months ago, I now can’t stop buying. Here are a few gems I picked up on my latest shopping excursion in Myeondong.

doily shoes

boots with the fur

...bought a few months ago...

moon boots...for winter...

….and as always…here is some K Pop… if you (like me) enjoyed “The Percolator” you will love this…



  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting for an update!! The vacay sounds truly amazing…beach vacations will never be the same after that one! Alex filled me in on the wacky antics of the guy from Glee…..hahaha EW……
    I know Alex is jealous of your leathery bronze-ness. The girl is pale enough to glow in the dark. Gotta admit I love the shoes…your cutting edge fashion is reaching new heights. Also – K-Pop is bizarrely addicting…..I predict your future children will be percolating to it at all their b-day parties and soirees.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Chris, as if my translucent skin doesn’t speak for itself when Anna has da’ pleasure of skyping with me! (seriously anna my mom’s arm is “tanner” than mine..we have reached a new low!)

    So you failed to show me those moon boats! Don’t worry I won’t judge (3rd grade alex would have loved a pair to match her puffy silver spacesuit coat), although I’m gonna need to see an ensemble with those suckers to really convince me!

    K-pop… I like the music videos best because I can really feast my eyes! However that screen image spoke volumes- I’m not sure if I liked the guy’s blue fur hat thing or the other guy’s sash resembling ammunition better? And I agree with Chris that your kids (and mine duhh) are going to be getting funky to some k-pop at each and every occasion! (I know you wish you could have rocked out to the B52’s every one of my gradeschool bday parties)

  3. Listen, Pale One, no hatin on those moon boots…..I covet a pair of those myself!

  4. haha…after I got off the comp with you Alex, I was like, dang, I forgot about the moonboots!!
    They remind me of a killer pink pair I had when I was 5. I’m assuming you had the same pair?? (fingers crossed!!)

    and i just wear them like you would wear rainboots. So my jeans are tucked into them.

    And noone is more translucent and pale then I. The lack of sun & resources (tanning beds) has turned me into a ghost.

    …and Chris, I knew you would dig those shoes..haha

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