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Here are some Korean dishes I have sampled and/or become obsessed with.

I tried “live” octopus the first few weekends I was here. They take an octopus, and chop it up alive, then serve it on a dish in little pieces. It is still squirming on the plate. It was more of a novelty – something fun to try. The pieces still have suction capabilities, so while you’re eating, the pieces can stick to your tongue or mouth. There isn’t much of a taste to it – it tastes like the oil/seasoning you dip it in.

Something I thoroughly enjoy is gamjatang, or pork spine soup. You get about three pieces of spine bones, with the meat still attached. You pull the meat off the bones, add rice, the green weeds, and soy/wasabi sauce. The place I go to in my village serves the meal with a side of pickled garlic. It is a lot of different flavors, and delicious. If you have more people, you can order the kimchi gamjatang, which has kimchi and potatoes mixed in with the soup. A bit spicier, but it always does you right.

Something I always crave when I’m tired or sick is Shabu-Shabu. They bring you a big pot with broth in it, and you mix in a bunch of (I call them) weeds. Sometime, there are mushrooms, tofu, and dumplings thrown in the mix. You cook it in the broth with roast beef. After a pot or two of the veggies and meat, they bring out some noodles that you add to the mix. Usually on the table is a soy/wasabi sauce you can mix in with the veggies and meat. After you finish all the soup, they put bop (rice) into the big pot and cook it.



  1. Soo when you get home, we are going to get Korean food stat! That stuff looks amaaazing and I’m diggin’ the presentation of it all… it’s just me and my pam over here! haha

    • haha…I know I’ll be craving the food when I’m back in the states…and I think there is an authentic korean joint by glen ellyn, so guess where we are eating? FULGAZZI!

  2. I don’t think I’m adventurous enough for the octopus,but the other dishes look pretty darn good! …but what is with this Korean obsession with Spam that Alex was telling me about…and canola oil?????

    • HAHA… yes… there are $60 gift boxes of canned spam at the emart around the holidays. Can you believe it? You invite friends over for a dinner party and they greet you with spam?? I’m all for receiving a bottle of wine… but I guess that’s just a cultural difference, haha.

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