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Back in February, we had our kindergarten graduation. I was nervous about kids forgetting their lines, getting stage fright, etc up on stage. As it turns out, everything went very well. The kids all remembered their lines, and the parents seemed very happy.
the kids before the play started
Here is a video of them performing “zip a dee doo da” at graduation:
The new batch of kinder students are very young. I teach a class of korean 6 year olds (which means they are closer to 5 then 6). They speak very little english, and cannot read or write. They are learning to read with our lowest level red books and workbooks. It is very overwhelming. When I first came here, the kindergarten class I taught were already here for a year and a half. They were very strong speakers, and they understood the rules of ILS. It was nice in class to have conversations with the kids, knowing that they understood what you were saying. Now I communicate mostly with thumbs up and thumbs down as the kids speak none stop korean.
Their progress is amazing. The key is to start them young. Within a week, their english is already improved so much. I only have about 3 1/2 more months to go, and I know it will be astonishing how far they will progress in that short amount of time.
I am teaching Nemo class now. I have 5 students: Chloe, Justin, Joshua, Matthew, and Yvette. They are a really fun group of kids and have a good attention span for how little they are.






After our old kinders graduated, we had a few days to decorate the classrooms and make new bulletin boards. I made some posters (farm animals, fruits, and colors) and the bulletin board. I found some really good sight word printouts so I added those to the walls too.

Nemo's Bulletin Board




  1. O my gosh, that video is precious!! I’m in love with the little boys in the tuxes…..So glad everything went well…..I’m sure you will miss these lil characters and now you have a batch of newbies to get attached to. I didn’t realize the first batch of kids were already a year and a half into this….interesting challenge with the new ones. I know Alex is going to try to bribe you into stuffing a few of those into your suitcase when you leave this summer…….P.S. Love the posters and bulletin board!

    • thanks chris!
      I still see the old kindergarten – they graduated to our post-kinder level, so they’re still there everyday! It’s such a difference… I walk into my PK classes and I can’t stop talking to them… haha its so refreshing to have them understand me

  2. Oh my gosh sooo precious!! I’m in love with the very enthusiastic bunch in the front and those tuxes take it to the next level. and the choreographer for the moves in that song- pretty much genius! elbow smackin’ all nite long! haha nice work with the classroom, it reminds me of scrapbookin’ so I dig it 🙂

    and your new babies look so cute, i’m partial to the peace sign kid! haha

    • girl..don’t even get me started on that elbow smacking. haha. its so funny and precious.
      and i guess i was subconsciously going for the scrapbook feel (cuz i miss it so much)
      and peace sign kid… i teach his older brother…. they look identical except for their heights. its amazing… they are such cute boys… i want them in the usa with me.

  3. OOO if that happens Alex will quit med. school to be their nanny…..

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