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This is an essay from a teacher at a different school. I think it is hilarious:
I want to have chicken in my house. Chicken cant fly a lot, so it cant run away too. First, chicken yell in the early morning. If I have a chicken. I must not late for school.
Second, chicken can lay the egg. And I can have fresh egg every morning. Also egg can be the chick.
Third, In the case, I can eat chicken in imargancy. I think it will be cruel. But most people buy chicken for eat.
Fourth, other animals like moneys, elephants will very expensive. They can be 10000 thousand dollar, but chicken
is very very very chip. It’s like 20 dollars.
I like to have chicken in my house because of these 4 following reasons.



  1. Gotta love that very very very chip chicken…….I need to purchase a few myself…….

  2. HAHAHA that cracked me up!

    chicken yell in the morning… in an imargency I can eat the chicken. I think it would be cruel.

    haha such heartfelt sentiments!

  3. I love everything this kid’s saying.
    haha…wonderful sentiments

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