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I teach art classes to most of the kinder kids. Usually, it goes very smoothly. They just have to draw something in their “sketch books” and we have conversations about what they’re doing. Past projects have been “My House” “Playing Soccer” etc. This week they had to draw ” My dear mother:A special woman.” My older students had no trouble with this task. I thought it would be an easy week for art, until I got into Tweety class. Tweety now consists of four 5 year olds. Apparently, this is what the two boy’s moms look like:

Edward's mom... a total babe

Look mom!! You're a black pit!

Grace and Olivia's drawings



  1. Wow looks like Edward’s mom may need some psychiatric care sometime soon……but Oliva and Grace’s moms look pretty stylin…..esp. the one who is winking…….

  2. haha i love the winking one!! soo seductive for a “my dear mother” portrait!

    and edward is the picasso of his back. OFF.

  3. haha… i love the winking one too… with the bow??? too precious. It just cracks me up the difference between a boy and girl at that age. The girls take drawing and coloring so seriously, and the boys could care less.

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