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Monthly Archives: April 2011

So, I’ve finally started collecting all the unintentionally hilarious things my kids say and write. Here is just a little taste… more to come!

Angela’s journal entry about her grandparents “i love my grandma, but when she hits me, she hits me very hard.”

Sophia to another teacher: “teacher, with your hair like that, you look a little bit like a witch.”
Teacher: “oh?… well, what exactly should i do to fix that?”
Sophia: “do you have a comb at home?”

From a journal entry, what your afraid of:
I’m afraid of my mom.
My mom like a monster. Very scary.
But I think my mom’s cook is very nice.
Journal Entry:  My favorite game is Zombie game.
Because it is very very fun and I collection the gun.
It is a lovely game.

After doing a BrainQuest with our elementary classes
Teacher: “OK, so plants need sun and water to grow…what do you need to grow big and strong?”
Enthusiastic students: “RICE TEACHA! RICE RICE!!”

Rachel Woo who hasn’t had her front teeth for 6 months: “teacher, my teeth, they grow like snails”

After hearing our korean coworker say “James” in the hall: “first name James, last name Suuuuuh”

Jenny: “teacha, smell my shoe… It smells like Crocs…”
Me: “uhhh…”
Jenny: “No..really!”

Journal Entry: My best friend is Jon-ho because he runs fast. And he is taller.
Journal Entry (and one very sassy mom): I go to playground during break. And I slide on a sled.
I slide sled for many rides.
But I’m cold. And mom said “This is cold. You like flu?”
Then I go home.