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Monthly Archives: May 2011

This past Sunday I went to Everland. It is an amusement park in Yongin that all my kids always talk about going to. Unless they’re lying, every one of my kids has been to Everland twenty times this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly suprised. Everland has a few really big roller coasters that wouldn’t be out of place in a Six Flags. My favorite was the T Express; a roller coaster that Everland claims is the steepest wooden coaster in the world. The rest reminded me of more legitimate looking carnival rides. Attractions like “The Viking” come to mind.
Even though I was surrounded by Korean families, I felt like I was back home. It reminded me of summer carnivals and going to Six Flags with friends. It was exactly what I needed to cure my recent homesickness.
Something that was really astounding was how inexpensive everything inside the park was – especially the food. I’m so used to overpriced water bottles and food that I was shocked to see $2 slushies and lunch sets under $10. Also, all the souvenir shops were reasonably priced. If I was a little kid, I would’ve cleaned the place out without bankrupting my parents. This is not unusual in Korea – businesses don’t take advantage of their customers. It is a courtesy I can really appreciate.
I must also note, that regardless of how “American” Everland felt with all the Burger Cafes and snow cones, the Buttered Squid stands quickly brought me back to reality.

The children at ILS continue to bring their A game when it comes to conversation and writing.

A Journal entry about junk food: Junk food is high calorie, but nutritive is very low. It’s bad for your health. Junk foods are hamburgers, hotdogs, fried chicken, etc. I hate to eat them. Because of junk food, my younger brother is fatness. When I hit his belly, it sounds “tong, tong, tong.” I look fat but my weight is OK. My parents hate junk food too. 

“Ok guys, tell me something fun you did this weekend”

Boy 1: I played computer games with friend.

Boy 2: I played soccer with friends.

Boy 3 (with huge smile on his face): I beat up my little brother.

Journal Entry: What makes you sad:

I’m that makes feel sad is computer. Because, my computer is very very crazy, and me is very very catch a stress! My feel sad its a computer!

Threatening my class with taking stamps:

Me: If you don’t do your homework, I will take your stamps.

Aiden: You take my stamps?? Then I will… (mimics picking me up, carrying me across the room, and throwing me in the trash)