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The children at ILS continue to bring their A game when it comes to conversation and writing.

A Journal entry about junk food: Junk food is high calorie, but nutritive is very low. It’s bad for your health. Junk foods are hamburgers, hotdogs, fried chicken, etc. I hate to eat them. Because of junk food, my younger brother is fatness. When I hit his belly, it sounds “tong, tong, tong.” I look fat but my weight is OK. My parents hate junk food too. 

“Ok guys, tell me something fun you did this weekend”

Boy 1: I played computer games with friend.

Boy 2: I played soccer with friends.

Boy 3 (with huge smile on his face): I beat up my little brother.

Journal Entry: What makes you sad:

I’m that makes feel sad is computer. Because, my computer is very very crazy, and me is very very catch a stress! My feel sad its a computer!

Threatening my class with taking stamps:

Me: If you don’t do your homework, I will take your stamps.

Aiden: You take my stamps?? Then I will… (mimics picking me up, carrying me across the room, and throwing me in the trash)


  1. WHOA these are too hilarious…..this has to be made into a book! Excuse me while I go very very catch a stress and beat up my little brother who is fatness…..

  2. HAHAH oh my gosh I look fat but my weight is okay, such optimism! my brother is fatness and my computer is very very very crazy makes me laugh many times! wow these are amazing

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