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I haven’t updated in a while… my apologies.


First, let me just say Boracay was an island paradise. The postcard photo matched what you actually saw when you stepped out on the beach. Depending on the sun, the water was either crystal turquoise, or an aquamarine green. Either way, the sand was white, the water was clear, and the sun was hot. I made sure to slather on the SPF 70 (which had an impossible to rub-in glue-like feel to it) but I still become a leathery bronze goddess (my dream come true.)

You definitely get both the resort life, and the local life on Boracay. On the plus side, there are security guards at every turn, so no one hassles you for hours to buy their bracelets or carved Jesus sculptures.

So if you ever want to see Paradise I’d advise you to go. to. Boracay.

right in front of our hotel


We were working in rooms that took two hours to heat up. I spent each and every day teaching in my winter coat, two pairs of gloves, three pairs of socks, and a scarf. And yes, I was still cold even with all these extra layers. One day I braved the elements and taught sans gloves, and I ended up with purple fingernails. I even went so far as to let a kindergartener sit on my lap the whole class just for the extra body heat. It was getting ridiculous, until someone figured out heaters need to be cleaned once in a while, and after that, there was actual heat blowing out of the heaters.

Now we are spending a lot of time working on our plays for graduation. The kids have to memorize a Wizard of Oz skit, a presentation, and countless songs. Also, because there are vacation days in February, parents are opting out of keeping their kids in kindergarten for the month, so we keep loosing Dorothys, Tin Men, and Scarecrows 😦


I’m officially assimilating. Shoes I thought were very ugly a few months ago, I now can’t stop buying. Here are a few gems I picked up on my latest shopping excursion in Myeondong.

doily shoes

boots with the fur

...bought a few months ago...

moon boots...for winter...

….and as always…here is some K Pop… if you (like me) enjoyed “The Percolator” you will love this…


So I recently bought a pair of shoes in Myeondong – Seoul. They are a great pair of shoes. One problem: Korean shoes seem to be lacking grips on the bottoms. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, except that Koreans love to decorate the sidewalks with shiny polished marble. So you can imagine what happens when it rains and I have to walk home from work. Every step I take on a rainy night makes me feel like I’m gambling with my life. How these ladies manage in heels I’ll never know.